Fallout: New California

The New California Republic (NCR or the Republic) is a federal constitutional republic occupying the territory of the former U.S. state of California, that serves as a major faction in Fallout: New California.


For detailed information on the New California Republic in the Fallout series, please see the New California Republic page on Nukapedia.

By 2260, the New California Republic has grown to incorporate much of northern California as well as regions of northwestern Nevada and southern Oregon, including the major settlements of New Reno, Vault City, and San Francisco. According to the official census, its population has grown to exceed one million people, and major efforts to restore or expand pre-War infrastructure have led to much of the nation having functional electricity, abundant food and water, and even access to communication systems such as radio, television, and even the Internet. Under President Wendell Peterson, NCR explorations have increased greatly while eyeing the Mojave Wasteland for future expansion, particularly the legendary Hoover Dam and the ruins of Las Vegas. However, not all is well in the Republic. Internal corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency are rampant, with the Bishop Family essentially running Congress, while over-expansion, inflation, and costly public programs have strained the California economy. Wars with the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel have left thousands dead, infrastructure in the Boneyard and San Francisco in ruins, and the treasury drained. To survive, NCR needs to expand, acquire new resources and recruit new taxpayers from wasteland and tribal communities. However, one last thorn stands in their way of uniting all of California - The Pass.

Despite practically lying in the heartland of NCR, between the Hub and Angel's Boneyard, the Cajon Pass has been dominated by the entrenched Survivalists since the days of the Great War. The NCR attempted to civilize the Pass roughly around 2240, breaking a tenuous peace with Maxson's Survivalists and invading Union City in the Battle of Union City. A young Juan Maxson-Elsdragon led NCR troops into a devious trap, killing nearly a hundred troopers and thirty-eight NCR civilians by igniting the City's explosive fields of GMO corn. The NCR took Union City, but a great cost, and remained in a series of perpetual skirmishes with the raiders until 2253, when an official ceasefire between the two was signed, and the Survivalists were officially recognized as a foreign power. However, tensions remain high between the two, and have continued to grow as Elsdragon absorbs more groups displaced by NCR expansion into his ranks.

NCR relations with native tribals and the dwellers of Vault 18 has been strained at best. While the NCR traded peacefully with the Exodite Tribes during Tandi's administration, and NCR troopers and the Wasteland Scouts have long fought common enemies, subsequent years have seen the NCR aggressively attempt to assimilate the tribes as taxpayers, with little success.[1] Aggressive NCR expansion and their treatment of their Exodite cousins led the Wasteland Scouts into eventual conflict with NCR-employed mercenaries, resulting in the NCR branding Vault 18 as government property and the Scouts as fugitives. Despite this status, many citizens still fondly regard the Scouts as a force for good in New California, and stories and comics about their adventures are widespread across the republic.

As of 2260, the NCR's greatest enemy for control of the Pass is the Raider Alliance, born out of a union between the Survivalists and various other groups forced out of NCR territory - raiders, tribals, freedom fighters, and outcasts - whose militarized presence blocks travel along the I-15, leaving an anarchistic hole in the middle of NCR trade and supply lines. The violent, erratic leadership of Juan Maxson-Elsdragon has only strained tensions further, as he continues to call out to the disaffected promising a haven free of NCR taxes and laws, while also seeking to elevate to open hostilities against the republic. Meanwhile, NCR interests in the region are split - the NCR Army, under General William Silverman, seeks to take the fight to the Alliance and bring order to the Pass once and for all. This complicates things for Congress, as Bishop interests seek to preserve the Pass as their own legal black hole, while the prospect of yet another costly war is unpopular to citizens and constituents. So NCR forces remain holed up in Union City, unable to engage in open warfare with Elsdragon, while little to no support comes from the rest of the Republic.

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NCR scouts are said have explored past the Frontier and discovered the fledgling Cascadia Republic. Note that these are mainly easter eggs and do not reflect the lore of those mods.


The New California Republic appears in Fallout: New California.


  1. The Star Player: "So, why is the economy depressed? Where'd all your money go?"
    William Silverman: "Combination of inflation and stagnation. All complicated mumbo jumbo I'm not privy to, let alone understand. Long of the short is that NCR expanded across all of California, Oregon, parts of Nevada, all the way down to old Mexico. Here in San Berdoo, we draw the line. Everything from here on out to Arizona is dry and miserable wasteland. It's a hellish, radioactive nightmare. We assimilated every tribe in the Wastes, spent millions on getting them pacified and educated. Then started them on an IV of tax into our coffers. But it hasn't panned out. The tribals weren't businessmen, nor interested in paying jobs. Can't bleed a stone, so President Tandi's plan ran aground. Now we need to expand. To conquer new terrain and find new sources of tax money. That, and more electricity, more clean water. Puh. Like that exists. The NCR kept up its expansion for years. Now it's run out of room. The economy can't adapt, so they're panicking."